Robin pro tips from our newsletter

In this guide you will find a collection of Robin pro tips, that can also be found in our monthly newsletter, to help you get the most out of your Robin office!

Pro tip # 1 

Looking to create specific neighborhoods or zones in your new office setup? Use Robin's work areas to designate a space for certain teams and needs. Find out how to get started here. 

Pro tip # 2

Did you know you can create bookable office space by moving a desk into a conference room on your floor map? This is helpful if your conference rooms aren't bookable via calendar integrations.

If you add multiple desks to one room you can create a set number of seats and implement a makeshift capacity limit. Make your Robin desks work for you!

Pro tip # 3

Summer is here and it's the perfect time to get the team together. Use workplace announcements to remind people of upcoming events, like happy hours, work rec leagues, and more. 

Pro tip # 4

Have you integrated Robin with Microsoft Teams and/or Slack yet? You can search for open workspaces, get check-in reminders, and receive updates on who is planning to be in this week!

Pro tip # 5

Robin offers more than room and desk management - We can also help you improve your workplace. Turn on Workplace Experience surveys to collect feedback from your employees and make a plan to create your best office, based on what your team needs.

Pro tip # 6

Collaboration and connection are possible with hybrid schedules: Have you tried out "favorites"? Employees who book with their favorites list are 60% more likely to come into the office. Star your favorite coworkers on the web and the mobile app to see when they will be in, then plan your week around seeing your colleagues in person!

Pro tip # 7

Want to break down your analytics by department and make sure your lists are always up-to-date in Robin? Use our SCIM integration to make sure your users and groups stay up-to-date through headcount changes, and make more strategic decisions based on your own data. OneLogin, Azure, and Okta are all supported.

Pro tip # 8

Every user can customize Robin to suit their working habits and needs - Help your team make Robin work for them by sharing how they can set a default office, customize booking reminder notifications, integrate with Zoom, and more. Read more here.

Pro tip # 9

Have you tried out kiosks in your office? They help employees find team members quickly, as well as book desks and rooms directly from the touch-screen display. Allow your team to better navigate the workplace by placing handy wayfinders around big offices to see what rooms and desks are open across your building.




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